4 Reasons Why I Hired a Slip and Fall Lawyer

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When you are involved in a mishap that causes injury to you as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may need money to pay for the cost of your medical treatment or as compensation for your pain, suffering, mental anguish and lost income.

Some people choose to represent themselves in court or settle the case without the assistance of a slip and fall lawyer to save money. However, doing so could cost you in the long run. Let’s take a look at why you should hire a slip and fall lawyer for your own good.

1. Expertise

Personal injury cases are one of the most difficult cases to win due to the complicated state laws that govern such cases. Without proper legal training, it would be hard to get a significant settlement. A slip and fall lawyer has the knowledge and experience to help you. This professional has the expertise and knows how a personal injury case works in your province, how to submit the necessary paperwork, the statute of limitations and how the case should be presented to help you get the best settlement.

2. Represent Your Best Interests

Since their compensation depends on the amount of settlement you get, slip and fall lawyers are motivated to represent your best interests. Insurance companies don’t like paying large awards as it reduces their profit margin, so they have lawyers on their side who fight hard to dismiss or minimize your claim. A slip and fall lawyer knows the tricks employed by the legal team of the insurance company. They will fight back to ensure you get the compensation or award you deserve.

3. Affordable

Some victims don’t hire a slip and fall lawyer because they are afraid they can’t afford the fees. You don’t need to worry because most slip and fall lawyers today accept contingency cases. They agree to accept a percentage of the compensation awarded to the plaintiff. The contingency fee allows anyone to be able to afford proper legal representation in court.

4. Overcome Jury Bias

Some dishonest people fake slip and fall accidents to get easy money from other parties. These unscrupulous people make it hard for real victims to get what they deserve. A good slip and fall lawyer will thoroughly investigate the incident, collect evidence and build a strong case as well as overcome jury bias to get you the money you deserve. He will evaluate the list of damages you sustained. It can include things such as mental duress and psychological counseling. Most slip and fall lawyers have an investigative team to help collect and evaluate the technical facets of your injury to build a solid case.

A slip and fall lawyer knows when a case can be settled out of court and is an expert in arbitration and mediation. If the case can’t be solved out of court, he or she will create a legal strategy to properly present the case in court and increase your chances of winning. When you hire a slip and fall lawyer, you can have peace of mind as well as focus on your recovery. You don’t need to fight with the insurance agency as your lawyer will do everything for you, so you can resume your normal routine as soon as possible.

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