4 Plumbing Mishaps That I’ve Experienced (and How to Avoid Them!)

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As a homeowner, the day will come when you will have plumbing issues. Perhaps you’ve already been there and done that. Plumbing problems can be as simple as a clog or a nightmare, such as a flood. When plumbing problems occur, how you handle it will play a big part in reducing anything bad from happening.

There’s a right way and a wrong way (unfortunately, a wrong way may look right to someone inexperienced). Here are some common plumbing mistakes that you may be guilty of and hopefully, those who have yet to tackle a plumbing problem will be saved from committing these mistakes.

1.  Fast Fix Or Rush Job

Whatever you do, never rush through a plumbing job. It’s just not a good idea and definitely not worth it. Sometimes, you may be compelled to do it out of necessity. For example, you may have a house full of guests. You decide to rush a plumbing job since you feel the pressure and it seems like you have no choice.

A mistake you can make, which might surprise you, is that many people have been guilty of not turning off the water! To always be on the safe side, turn it off. If you turn off that valve, you could do a decent job in good time. Failure to turn it off could cause a fountain and a lot of mess and damage.

2. Slanted Or Crooked Installation

Supposing you were installing a sink or toilet, don’t forget one simple but important detail; levelling. You will be surprised to learn that there are people who overlook this. The whole appearance and functionality of the project will be compromised. Use a level, or you could be faced with costly repairs for making this simple mistake.

3. Taking On A Job Beyond Your Capability

If you take on a project beyond your skill level, it could be a very costly mistake. Sometimes, fixing a leaky faucet may lead you to think you can fix something more complex. Depending on what the job is, it could cost a few thousand dollars! Be honest with your skill level and know where to draw the line. There are things you just cannot do, so do not attempt them.

4. Pipes That Are Mismatched

Sometimes, when DIY plumbing, you may reach for the closest pipe that appears to be the right shape and size. It can be easy to overlook the material. Mistakes happen when trying to fit two pipes together that are of different material and size. Don’t assume that they are properly fitted just because you’ve used a connecting piece and they hold well.

People who are inexperienced may also try to join a galvanized metal pipe to a copper one. This is a recipe for disaster since the connecting point will corrode from reacting to each other. You need to use suitable fitting, such as brass.

Never try to do larger jobs that have to do with pipes that are hidden behind walls or beneath the floor. This kind of job would require your local plumbers or properly trained plumbing professionals. These jobs may also require permits. If you’re unsure and not confident, do not take it on. If you do, the damage done will be worse to take care of than if you had called them in the first place.

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