4 Methods I Used to Find a New Hair Salon

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The stylist-client relationship is a scared bond based on trust. You can’t trust just anyone holding a pair of scissors over your head. Your hair is your identity, so it’s important to find a stylist who not only understands hair but who also takes the time to understand your personal style. Finding a new hair salon is never an easy task, so use these four tips to help you with your search!

1. Get A Few Consultations

Consulting with a few different hair salons is important to get a feel for the options available for you. A consultation is an excellent chance for you to meet with the stylist, get a feel for their personality and inquire about their expertise.

A lot of people schedule an appointment for a blowout when evaluating potential stylists. Getting a blowout is a simple way to test the stylist’s skills without blowing your budget or drastically changing your hairstyle.

When going through your consultations, don’t just stop at one or two salons. There are a lot of skilled stylists out there, which makes it most important to find someone who you work well with on a personal level. Personality is a fundamental factor in addition to their portfolio and years of experience.

2. Assess The Vibe You Get From The Staff

While at your consultations, you want to assess how the staff makes you feel. Ideally, you want to join a salon where people are easy to work with and personable. You don’t want to join a salon that treats new clients like gold and their regulars as second-class citizens. The vibe you get from the staff is a major factor in your decision-making process.

Communication is a vital part of a successful salon experience. Your stylist needs to be easy to talk to so you can communicate your vision for your hair. Sometimes stylists are pushy and use their clients as experiments instead of finding out their true wants and needs. While consulting different salons, look for staff members that make you feel at ease and who seem genuinely interested in your hair needs. 

3. Evaluate The Condition Of The Salon

The condition of the salon gives you an indication of the work ethic of the staff. While it’s understandable for busy salons to have a bit of hair on the floor, it’s important you look for signs of negligence when it comes to cleaning. If you notice the floors and mirrors are dirty, there’s a good chance the staff doesn’t take proper care of their tools either. Cleanliness is an important factor when looking for a new person to trust to work on your hair.

4. Ask Questions About Your Style

A good stylist is able to apply their skills to your personal style and features. Ask the stylist about suggestions that are tailored to your facial features and hair textures. You can also ask them to recommend styles based on the amount of time you have to spend on your hair every day. An experienced stylist knows how to customize hairstyles to suit your lifestyle and personality.

During your consultation’s, ask the stylist about any problems you have with your hair. Different stylist’s approach dealing with dry hair and other problems in a variety of ways. A good stylist will suggest some options to help you maintain a healthy head of hair.  Again communication is important here because you need a stylist who can clearly communicate their thoughts and opinions. After communicating your personal desires, the stylist should make some experienced suggestions along the same lines.

Finding a knowledgeable stylist is a good sign, but it’s not everything. Personal connection is an essential part of finding a stylist who understands you. Use these tips to help you source out a quality hair salon!

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