My 4 Favourite Features of Employee Timesheets

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If you are employed by a workplace that utilizes timesheets, you are probably aware of how important the accuracy of them is. In addition to detailing time off credits and time off you have already taken, they detail how many hours you worked. This in turn determines how much you will get paid which directly impacts your livelihood as you need to pay mortgages, bills, and personal expenses.

With the rise of technology, the ability to track hours worked has become easier for employees as a lot of timesheet processes are now available online. There are many benefits to being able to complete timesheets on the computer and reasons why employees prefer to use them as opposed to having to submit hard copies.

1. Convenience

One of the obvious benefits of using online timesheets is how convenient it is. With this process, timesheets are available for viewing and completion anywhere there is an internet connection and can be viewed remotely from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Gone are the days when employees are expected to attend the office and rush to submit timesheets on time. Online timesheets allow all employees the convenience of completing timesheets when they are away from the office- a luxury that has been well-received by people especially in the trades. For those who typically work the same amount of hours weekly, it is an easy task to copy hours from a previous week for use on a new timesheet, saving employees a lot of time and aggravation.

2. Customizable

Employees do not want to bother with a timesheet full of details that are not required by their employer especially after a long, busy week when they just want to complete it and go home. Online timesheets are beneficial because an employer can customize the timesheet that employees need to complete based only on the information they need. In bigger companies with numerous positions and branches, payroll departments may need information that differs from staff member to staff member. Timesheets can be designed based on different factors ensuring that each staff member receives a timesheet that is applicable to their role.

3. Efficient

Online timesheets are extremely helpful to the employees that use them because although the software itself is a database that includes such details as hours worked, vacation time, and sick days for all employees, it has the ability to provide each worker a snapshot of their individual information. The online application is capable of listing time off that an employee is entitled to as well as what they have already used. When timesheets are submitted, automatic calculations are made so all credits are accurate at all times. Most timesheet applications have a feature that sends reminders to employees when timesheets are due, ensuring that all are submitted on schedule. This is important because it could be the difference between an employee getting paid on time and not getting paid for failing to submit a timesheet by a specified deadline.

4. Real-time

As mentioned, online timesheet applications are able to provide employees up-to-date information regarding time off available, time off used, and hours worked. This is helpful as all staff can see their credits and are able to plan for vacations accordingly. They can also check their hours for accuracy after submitting them and if corrections need to be made, they can fix them immediately to avoid any errors that may affect their pay-cheque. Online timesheets also help employees to get the assistance they need if they are logging too many hours. Managers are able to see if employees in a particular department are working more hours compared to others and allocate additional staff to the overworked department to assist.

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