10 Reasons I’m Using Sheet Metal Shingles

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Roofs are an essential part of a home. They are your building’s first line of defense against the weather, animals, and other hazards. Because the top of your property is so essential in the protection and support of the rest of your place, the materials used to cover the area should be strong and durable.

There are different types of roof coverings to choose from. The type of rooftop that is applied depends on the size and design of the building. Climate and age of structure can also play a role in the choices people make when selecting the materials to cover the top of their structure.

Roofing materials have changed over the years to reflect the needs of consumers. Sheet metal has gained popularity for residential properties. Once used to cover commercial properties or restore old building tops, many residential owners are choosing metal shingles to protect their homes. Metal made roofing products have many benefits for private and commercial buildings.

1. Weather Resistant

Sheet metal is strong and, when attached properly, can withstand the effect of severe weather like rain, wind, snow, and ice. While large hail balls might cause some denting, smaller hail has no impact on the integrity of the fabric.

With sheet metal roofing, the snow easily slides off slanted tops, so it does not accumulate on top of the building, adding extra weight and ice.

2. Fire Retardant

Sheet metal roofing is classified as one of the most fire-retardant materials on the market. Although the fabrications under the metal are not fire proof, the sheet metal will not catch fire and will offer protection should anything flammable fall on top of the top.

3. Other Protective Features

Metallic roofing shingles are rodent proof, so animals cannot form holes in your building’s crown.

The surface is also safe from elements that rot other materials. This reduces the risk of mould and mildew from forming.

4. Lightweight

Metal panels are considerably lighter than most shingling products, so it puts less stress on the home’s framework. Compared to other roofing materials, sheet metal is a fraction of the weight of other roofing shingles.

5. Easy Installation

Sheets come in panels that vary in size up to one meter wide so one metallic shingle can cover more area than average shingle strips. The sheets connect easily and can be applied to a roof very quickly. Some sheet metal roofs can also be installed over top existing roofing shingles so there is less time and work required to remove the old product.

6. Cost Effective

Metal roofing materials are comparable in price to other shingles and construction. Plus, the stability and life expectancy of the installation also reduces the cost because they do not need to be replaced.

7. Heat Reflection

Metal is more energy and heat efficient because they reflect the suns rays. The heat from the sun is not absorb in the building so air conditioning units do not have to work as long or hard to maintain the cool temperatures.

8. Can Be Customized

Sheet metal shingles can be made for custom roof shapes. They can be easily moulded to fit curves and corners without damaging the integrity of the product.

9. Attractive

Sheet metal shingles look great and add to the aesthetic appeal of the home. Thy can also be painted any colour to match the homes hues.

10. Life Expectancy

If done properly, the roof will last as long as the house. Where other shingles have a life span, sheet metal do not.

Sheet metal is a popular roofing shingle option for commercial and residential buildings. Property owners are choosing the metallic shingles because of their numerous benefits.

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