10 Reasons Why I’m Sending My Kids to Summer Camp

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Are you considering sending your kids to summer camp this year? It’s a great idea! Summer camps offer children many lifelong benefits they can’t get anywhere else. At summer camp, they can have fun, build and grow valuable character traits and skills, and more.

Here are the top 10 reasons why sending your children to summer camp is a smart choice.

1. They’ll Spend the Summer Being Active

It’s easy to get complacent about exercise throughout the year. Your kids are sitting in school all day, then they come home and sit on the couch, playing on their phones or watching TV. As a parent, you’re also exhausted from your long day at work. You don’t have the time or energy to be active with your children either.

Summer camps provide endless opportunities for physical activity. Kids play games like flag football and take part in activities like swimming and hiking. They won’t stop moving!

2. They’ll Finally Unplug

Technology can be draining. Kids shouldn’t be spending all day watching television, surfing the internet, or playing games on their phones. They need time to engage in the real world. At summer camp, there are no devices allowed. Kids will talk to other people face to face—not via a screen—play real games and activities—not Xbox—and get back to nature.

3. They’ll Develop New Skills

With the right encouragement, tools, and facilities, kids can boost their skills in art, sports, and more. Because there are so many activities and so many new things to learn at camp, every child there will develop new skills and interests.

4. They’ll Gain Independence

At summer camp, kids are their own bosses. There are no parents, coaches, or teachers telling them what to do. They’ll make their own decisions and manage their own choices. This freedom will help them gain independence and develop who they are.

5. They’ll Have Fun

Of course, summer camp is full of fun! Kids get to play in an unstructured way. There are no routines. No schedules. They get to take part in carefree living, where they can have fun and relax all day long.

6. They’ll Make Lifelong Friendships

Many kids come to summer camp on their own, not knowing anyone else there. But by the end of the summer, they’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.

7. They’ll Develop Social Skills

When you’re in a large group, you must work together, communicate, and collaborate. Over the summer, children will develop their social skills. They’ll share chores, resolve disagreements on their own, and live in a small community where cooperation is a must.

8. They Can Be Themselves

At summer camp, there are no stresses or pressures. It’s an anti-bullying environment. Everyone is accepted. And everyone is free to be themselves. They can explore their own interests, share their thoughts, and be free to do what they want, without anyone judging them.

9. They’ll Be Challenged

At summer camp, children are challenged to try new activities that they would never take part in at home. They might fail and they might make mistakes. But they’ll grow their grit and their self-confidence—and be better off for it.

10. They’ll Be Happier

What does it mean when your kids can develop new friendships, learn to be self-reliant, and develop their skills? What happens when kids can gain more self-confidence and be free without the pressures of real life? They’ll be happier! As a parent, isn’t that what you really want for your kids?

When kids go to summer camp, they flourish. They blossom. They come home happier, relaxed, and confident. Make this year the year you let your kids be kids at summer camp.

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